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John Sutcliffe

Multi Media Visual Artist and Educator

I have quite a varied portfolio

I work with AR light technologies - projection mapping, film and animation, creating immersive and interactive events.

I paint with forms of abstraction of landscape, write poetic screenplays and animate them, create liminal photographic installations, I curate spaces

I work in printmaking

I have 34 years experience of teaching art and technology in schools and run children’s and adult workshops in a variety of media. I present CPD workshops for teachers in schools and have given presentations in the form of illustrated poetic discourse for the International Journal of Art and Design Education at the Tate Liverpool and for Birmingham school of art. I have exhibited at the New Art Gallery Walsall.

I now work as a full time artist, and recently was selected as a winner at Sheffield Art in the Gardens Open Arts Exhibition.

I recently gained a Masters in Fine Arts Practice and Education (with distinction) at the Birmingham School of Art, where I developed my philosophy of media arts practice under Prof Johnny Golding RCA, producing abstract photographic installations questioning perception of the photograph as a sculptural object. I received a commendation for my final show.

My current practice explores the transformative nature of video projection mapping onto objects, buildings and interior surfaces (augmented reality).

Describing my practice would be in creating a narrative of our times using disparate media to engage an audience in order for them to ask questions of themselves and our world.

It is not a fluffy thing, but it does sparkle in the shadows.

I encompass all of this through my company

Hanging Boots Creative