Paul Stallard

Creative entrepreneur

Hello creative guild I'm Paul

I'm involved in a range of businesses, projects and start ups. 

I'm part of Brand Experience consultancy Beautiful Everything where we use insight and creativity to help brands create value with amazing experiences. 

I'm part of the design collective Visual Athlete using sports data to create beautiful things. 

I'm part of BoomBeam, helping film festivals and events create amazing experiences using technology. 

I'm involved in a start up helping to shape the future of personalised health and nutrition. 

I love collaborating on interesting stuff and making things happen. 

All the above combine to mean I'm interested in a whole load of stuff including data art and design; sports and performance; cycling; dance; film and live cinema; food, health and nutrition; digital experiences; art and technology; business and creativity; brand innovation.... Plus a whole load of personal interests like music, growing, food and drink, sculpture, ceramics, books and bookshops, running, cycling, climbing, swimming, travel, DNA and genomics, tech and culture and probably a load more if you get me started.