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Debbie Waters

Photographer : Fine Art & Stock

Photographer artist, activist and permaculturalist.

I am passionate about social justice, nature, and people coming together to create. I especially love to capture work with social enterprises and ethical businesses, as I have throughout my life believed in the maxim Think Global, Act Local.

I am a multi-talented DO-er - where there is a will, there is a way...In my life I have been a writer and editor, an environmental activist, a social justice campaigner, educator, bookkeeper, study assistant in university disabled services mother, festival organiser and photographer and artist. 

I currently work P/T as food and stock photographer, seasonally as a Workshop Facilitator with NCS The Challenge, and as an event steward. My stock images are primarily sold via 4Corners Images and Alamy, and I am developing septemberlegs.com as portal for selling art prints. I am currently seeking to develop myself as a videographer, visual artist and activist, through collaboration with Well Red Films and as Campaigns Field Organiser at The Northern Green Gathering. I am a permaculturalist in the widest sense of the word - reconsigning natural flow, layering and design in application to problem solving and lifestyle design. 

I am interested in all kinds of photographic commissions. All work is bespoke. Please contact me to discuss your needs. Septemberlegs : Photography Art with Heart.