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Debbie Waters

Photographer / Visual Storyteller

Born in Gosport, educated at Canterbury, and reborn as a photographer in 2004.

I am a commercial food photographer contracted with Just Eat and Deliveroo, and a property photographer with Property Nest. I also shoot travel stock for 4Corners images, and travel and editorial stock for getty and alamy.

I believe that where there is a will, there is a way - in my life I have been a writer and magazine editor, an environmental activist and journalist, a social justice campaigner, an educator, a tree surgeon, a bookkeeper, a women's refuge worker, an academic study assistant and a festival and event organiser. I am primarily, however, a photographer and visual artist and mother. 

I also organise the campaigns area and Soap Box stage speaker and workshop lineup for the Northern Green Gathering festival. I am I am a permaculturalist in the widest sense of the word - reconsigning nature and the value of natural flow and layering in all aspects of problem solving and lifestyle design. Think global, act local and always, always, always - do what you can.