I am a musician who has lived and worked in Sheffield for over 30 years.  I play bass guitar - electric, acoustic and fretless - and have played in a variety of places from bars and pubs to stadiums and theaters.  I have played many forms of contemporary music from rock and pop to theater music, dance and country.  Before moving to Sheffield I worked in London, where I 'played the West End', specialising in backing cabaret shows and big events in hotels and casinos. 

I grew up in Plymouth and this is where I stared my music career.  I played in a touring rock band and backed some major artists before getting asked to join a band that had a residency in one of the top hotels in the country.  This led to recording work and music production.

For the last few years I have gone back to playing in rock bands - I currently play in 3 - and I am launching a new Mod and Northern Soul band in Sheffield.  Look out for "Keep on Runnin".

For many years I have been involved in the music industry - apart from playing - and I hold several elected posts in the Musicians Union.  I am a member of Sheffield Visual Arts Group and became a director of the Creative Guild in January 2016.  I am particularly interested in the current funding situation for arts and culture and the financial imbalance of funding  in England.

I am very interested in all aspects of art and culture.  I like to visit at least one art gallery or museum a month.  I am interested in film and cinema and have had past experience of producing training videos.  One of my interests is visiting places where I can see and photograph modern architecture.  In the last 2 years this interest has taken me to places such as Cardiff, Birmingham, Bristol and Berlin.   Have a look at Sheffield Visual Arts Group's website and you can see several of my musings about this.