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Steve Roche

Stonemason and Letter Carver at The Stone & Letter Workshop

Hello there, 

My name is Steve Roche, I am a Letter Carver and Stonemason specialising in handmade inscriptions and traditional masonry techniques.

My work ranges from formal hand-cut memorials, to restoration of old buildings to public art projects. 

My main passion is designing inscriptions and cutting letters into stone. I'm currently in the third  year of the Advanced Training Scheme with the Society of Scribes and Illuminators. The course is really nurturing my letter and alphabet design and is giving me a broader appreciation of the calligraphic arts. 

Recently I have been commissioned to do a couple of public art projects - one a 12 ton yorkstone boulder with a stags head motif and one turning peoples thumbprints into geometric labyrinths cut in stone. My Instagram is probably the best place to go see what I'm talking about! 

I know a fair bit about types of stone avaliable in Yorkshire, the Peak District and the rest of the UK and am available to advise on projects involving natural stone. 

I set up The Stone & Letter Workshop in 2013 at Stag Works nr Bramall Lane. Pop in if you're passing by! 

Here's a link to a video you might like to take a look