I'm a musician, my solo project is called Tsarzi (an adaptation of my childhood nickname). I call my style eccentric pop, often darkly comic. In 2017 I won the 2 Weeks 2 Make It competition for my music video Ornaments, where I smashed a lot of ornaments in slow motion dressed as a cleaner. 

Before this I was involved in lots of bands & collaborations, including The Unsung, Mysteron & Yellowcake. I moved to Sheffield 4 years ago to focus on music, after living in London and New York and doing quite different stuff (I was a PhD candidate in Classics, sometime journalist and wannabe comedy writer).  

I play piano, violin & guitar. I'm very interested in harmonies. I trained classically & you can hear that sometimes in my style. 

I'm very interested in collaboration & in future would like to work with more people of different disciplines, such as filmmakers, poets, visual artists, performance artists, and theatre practitioners.   

Have a listen/watch on my website and please get in touch if you'd like to work on a project together! 

My very first solo album, Last Decade of Love, is out on September 7th - do come along to the launch party at Yellow Arch on Sept 14th if you're around :-)