Supernatural sleuthing series. Coming soon:

What happens when everyone is asleep?

Something strange is happening in Shilly-on-Sea but a secret, more shocking, lies just around the corner…
Dan, skeptic journalist and professional debunker, is en route - armed with journals, floppy disks and a car boot full of Amstrad home computer. Reed, a mysterious drifter, is also heading to the sleepy seaside town - driving pedal-to-the-metal as fast as his VW camper van will tolerate on a quest that only he can understand. Zoya, who has been there all along, keeps watch and dreams of distant adventures of her own.
When a crime is discovered and the police are getting nowhere, can a spot of snooping save the day? What’s the secret of the kooky house on the hill, who’s been hiding in the garden and what happens when everyone is asleep?
This quirky, supernatural sleuthing mystery, is the genesis story of a new private investigator series that invites the reader on a journey from sandy beaches to vertiginous rooftops and anywhere in between.

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