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Simon Seligman

Life Coach, cultural lecturer and Communications & Membership officer for the Guild of St George

Resident in the Peak District for three decades, the arts and cultural life of Sheffield have always played an important part in my life and that of my family. 

Life Coaching.

One-to-one life coaching is a powerful and dynamic process that enables you to see, think and act more clearly in any area of your life that feels blocked, lacking in energy and direction, or just plain 'wrong'. As a coach, I believe in the power of deep listening and I hold a strong and compassionate coaching space, free of judgement or opinions, for my clients to really hear their own true voices and inner wisdom, sometimes for the first time. Having trained rigorously and certified with CTI (Coaches Training Institute) I now coach a wide range of clients from the arts, craft, media, medicine, business and teaching.

I am told by clients that they value my capacity to hold, and even celebrate, contradictions and mess, success and failure, pain and joy, the apparently trivial alongside the deep and important. This is a reflection of the journey I am travelling for myself; I have been able to celebrate many successes, breakthroughs and achievements of which I can be very proud. Over the course of my life I have worked through issues of abandonment, depression, sexual anxiety and confusion, fear of connection, self-contempt, career breakdown and the eternal challenge of parenting. So I bring all of this lived experience to my coaching, in service to you, the client, being able to explore whatever is necessary to move forward positively and productively in your own life.

Communications & Membership Officer, Guild of St George

I have responsibility for the communications relating to the Guild of St George, a charity set up by the great Victorian thinker and writer, John Ruskin, who gave the Ruskin Collection, cared for and displayed by Museums Sheffield, to the Guild for the benefit of the working people of Sheffield. I also support the Guild's 270+ Companions, who range from artists, craftspeople, land managers educationalists and writers to eminent Ruskin scholars around the world.



Arts/heritage/tourism communications

I have 30 years experience as a public lecturer on cultural subjects, and a similar length of experience working in communications, interpretation, PR and marketing within the fields of the arts, heritage and tourism, including 19 years working at Chatsworth, three at Nottingham Playhouse and a year at Music in the Round in Sheffield. I am also a Trustee of three arts charities, Opera on Location, Dovedale Arts Festival and Five Senses Music.