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Dave Atkin

Creative Director / Copy Writer

I have been doing this way too long - the milionairedom never believed but expected was due to land circa 1999 - but hey! There's no fun without struggle.

Because my life's work has been making small business look bigger and bigger businesses look better, I was unsure if the Creative Guild (Jeez that word is so overused - try searching "creative" on Google and check the number) was any use to me. Maybe if I ever retire and the dusty brushes in the garden shed got a proper work out. No - I sell creativity to mainly non creatives, explaining the value of integrated design and proving a return on their investment. 

The Creative Guild is such a broad church - from folk just interested in making stuff to crafters, artists and hobbyists who sell a few bits, to professional artists actually making a living from original work.

It's the creatives selling to creatives that is beyond my scope of experience - the practitioners in education and theatre the "culture invaders" really, sorry, preaching to the choir.

Anyway. I seriously don't want to sell to the cognoscente - I want to sell to people who can be shown that "industry without art is brutality" or the people who have never lifted a brush, are determined (wrongly) that they are without talent, or maybe tone deaf... but will stand and stare at a painting because their personal, uneducated (in art) interpretation of it, touches something deep in a memory; in just the same way a poem, phrase or melody makes hair stand up on the back of their necks.

Or brass bands! There's a neck hair standing sound if ever there was.

This is where you will lose patience with me:

I don't believe the Royal or Northern Ballet should be supported by tax paid grants, though I do believe music, dance, art and poetry should be as essential to school curriculums as sport or the sciences. 

I believe the world needs more engineers and architects (than yet more Graphic Novel or Game Programmers) - but neither without a grounding in the arts.

I believe, as part of a national curriculum, if the whole population (starting two generations back) knew all the words to Wordsworth's "Daffodils", Zephania's "Talking Turkey" Kipling's "If", Henley's "Invictus" and a hundred others - there would be no need for riots or hatred, burning books or toppling statues - or participatory theatre to make the sensitive feel better about themselves.

Now you're confused eh? :) 

If surgeon's are good to me I'll carry on plucking strings, slinging paint and writing poetry ... for the rest - check out the company website.