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Clee Claire Lee

Artist - sculpture/installation

My work includes sculpture, multimedia installation, and live art. I use these different forms to explore the concept of liminality and threshold, the synergy of the senses, and to invite the audience into the space between certainties.

I have an affinity with wire, which I weld or weave into routes and voids, implying both connection and disconnection. Steel is usually associated with heavy industry, but becomes weightless, organic and ethereal. The addition of light and sound creates immersive environments of bodies within bodies, disembodied, transient beings.

The engagement of my own body, both as medium and tool, is crucial as I draw out my ideas – both three-dimensionally with the wire, and in negotiating boundaries with other human bodies through collaborative voice and movement work. By focusing on my body, I contemplate the way the viewer connects with their own body – the immediate sensation, empathy, reflection, agency and action.


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