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Laura Gray

Illustrator/Designer/Photographer/Workshop Facilitator

Laura Gray A.KA. Doodle Monkey is a professional illustrator, designer and photographer who works with local charities, businesses and other creatives, and has 15 years experience in the creativity industry .

Her style is humorous and quirky, (which her Dad discovered much to his horror when she doodled (GRAFFITIED!) her entire bedroom wall as a teenager!) and has a thriving business selling illustrated prints and products of her work.

Graduating from Aberdeen College in 2001 after studying design and photography, Laura became a Freelance Photographer for many years, working with bands, weddings, magazines and publicity clubs, and was also a Trainee Photographer/Digital Artist at Venture Portraits. 

After splitting up with her husband, volunteering in South Africa for 6 months, and returning to the UK jobless and homeless, Laura decided to do more things that she loved.....So became self-employed and now freelances designing logos,flyers/posters and artwork for weddings and websites, as well as running art and craft workshops. She also sells prints and products of her illustrations at local markets as well as local and national stockists.

She still continues to freelance as a Photographer, and just over 3 years ago relocated to Sheffield from Scotland, where she is thoroughly enjoying Yorkshire hospitality.