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Paul Massey

Software Engineer | Filmmaker | Robotics Engineer | Photographer | Maker

I am a highly experienced and advanced web, desktop and mobile developer with a vast knowledge of Object Oriented Programming; creating responsive and performant internet, mobile and desktop applications.

I have been engaged in contracting and direct client work since November 2003 and have lectured at universities on software design and development theory.

I enjoy playing with Arduino and Raspberry Pi to explore the possibilities of "the internet of things" - I recently gave a full, technical review of “Internet of Things with Arduino Blueprints” and the "IoT Penetration Testing Cookbook" by PACKT Publishing.

I am passionate about robotics, 3D printing, wearable, mobile, VR and AR technologies. I have a number of commercial robots and am currently building InMoov and quadruped robot based on my own designs and my own software.

I am also a photographer and filmmaker; primarily a director of photography creating short films and documentaries with professional cinema cameras and dedicated studio hardware as well as rigging and sound recording. I have also produced music, sound effects and film scores.