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Patrick Smith

Industrial Artist / Sculptor / Maker / Painter

Having been born in Sheffield and after school exams finished in 1875, I spent most of my time creating in the art room until I was allowed to leave the premises officially.  I attended graphics and fine art courses at the former Granville College (partly at the original Psalter Lane Art College) in Sheffield and following 18 months employment producing artwork for print (pre-computers - faffing bits of paper, scalpel, cow gum, rotring pens, Letraset and reprographic cameras), threw myself into self-employment, having been offered, by my second employer, regular freelance artistic work, designing and making for a particular process, within the confectionery industry.

I have continued to supply the confectionery work ever since for many leading UK brands, own brands and the international market, alongside a diverse range of interesting art projects, as although an artist's life and workload when good can be exhilarating, it is never predictable.

Other work has included prop-making for theatre and UK themed attractions, small-scale sculpture, cartoon work and a significant amount of artwork for printed matter - having trained myself into the computer age a good while back. 

I also paint Sheffield lost and treasured images and other themes when time allows - which have generated fascinating stories - and have sold cards and prints locally since 2005.  Surprisingly, some of the Sheffield images were discovered framed up in a hotel in Scotland.

Aside from work, I am involved with colleagues in the organisation of the annual 'Sheffield Young Artists' Competition and Exhibition (Est. 2005) when all key stages within Sheffield primary, junior, special and independent schools, along with Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind, are invited, each September, to enter for the following year.  The main exhibitions, averaging over 1000 artworks, are held at Ponds Forge and Sheffield Town Hall.

I am also a member of Sheffield Visual Arts Group and presently run their website.

The antidote to anything irritating or stressful has to be being in a band.