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Rachael Walton

Co-Artistic Director

Rachael is a director, writer and performer. She has been making devised work for the past twenty years, primarily with her company Third Angel. During this time she has relived a lost relationship while walking backwards in fake snow for five hours, played Mary Queen of Scots in a dress made of paper at the Schillertage Festival, she has murdered people, lit candles, danced on chairs, thrown up fake blood, bathed in public and misread peoples palms and misquoted the future.

In 2000 she devised and performed in Where from here which toured both this country and Hungary, Portugal, Germany and Belgium and had similar success in 2006 with Presumption which she directed and which went on to tour Italy, Armenia, Ireland and other European countries. She co-directed, What I Heard About the World, which is an English, Portuguese, German Co-production which has been touring since 2010: 92 performances over 13 UK cities and 8 countries. Since then she has had success directing Cape Wrath and 600 People and The Life and Loves of a Nobody, which have all toured nationally. Partus, Third Angel’s show about the complicated business of birth will be touring the country in Spring 2017. She is currently privileged to be working with Michael Pinchbeck as a choreographic dramaturge.

Rachael is an experienced educator and heads up Third Angel’s participation programme. She has taught at numerous Universities across the UK and also taught for Third Angel at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon. Rachael mentors other artists and companies with Third Angel. Recently this has included working with Theatre Delicatessen on their Departure Point programme and Joely Fielding and Luca Rutherford. Rachael has also worked with Sheffield Theatres, Theatre Delicatessen and The Bare Project to set up Making Room, an artist network based in Sheffield.


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