Manish Harijan is a contemporary Nepalese artist who is currently studying MFA Fine Arts at Sheffield institute of arts ( Sheffield Hallam University). He Completed his bachelor degree in fine arts from Kathmandu University, Nepal in 2011 since he has been practicing as a contemporary artist based on drawing, painting, sculpture and installation. His practice explore the idea of counterculture, myth, memories and eastern philosophy juxtapose with western popular culture. 

Most importantly, he has been already exhibited his works in CKU Denmark 2013, Group show at ROSL Gallery London 2013, Group art show at October Gallery London 2015. He already painted one of the most celebrated English TV Star BRIAN BLESSED in 2015 also he exhibited his works in India art fair 2016. Now, he has been preparing for the exhibition at WELT MUSEUM, Vienna in 2019 March. 

He had held two solo shows at Siddhartha art gallery in Kathmandu, Nepal including in 2011 and 2012. He is the recipient of artist in residency program of Kathmandu Contemporary Art Center in 2012 and CKU artist in residency in Denmark in 2013.