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Peter Beeston

Audio Creative Wizard

Hello everybody! My name is ‘Peter Beeston’ and I run an online radio station and a growing collection of podcasts all going under the name of ‘Cornucopia Radio’.



I specialize in creating engaging and ‘cinematic’ sounding audio dramas & radio comedies. I’ve worked in multiple genres; creating ‘Family Dramas’, ‘True Stories’, ‘Comedy Sitcoms’, 'Science Fiction Tales’, ‘Satirical Stories’, ‘Audiobooks’, 'Sketch Shows' and 'Halloween Horrors'.

We’ve been broadcast on multiple radio stations across the world. Here in the UK, we’ve worked with ‘SheffieldLive’, ‘SineFM’, ‘Radio Wildfire’, ’AppleFm’ , 'BasicFM' and ‘Soundart Radio’. We’re also regular contributors to ‘The Sonic Society’ broadcast on CKDU 88.1fm in Canada.

Not only that; but we won ‘The British Public Radio Award’ in 2013 for our radio-drama ‘A Mothers Love’, written by Paul Kenny. The competition was judged by Dirk Maggs (well known for his various ‘Radio 4’ audio drama work) and lastly; we were nominated in 2015 & 2016 for best ‘British Comedy Podcast’ for our brilliant comedy improv podcast “A Little Bit Racey

The national Telegraph newspaper also considers us one of the best radio stations on the internet! www.telegraph.co.uk

I’ve already worked with numerous creative folk across Sheffield, and I’m always happy to work with even more! I’m a skilled audio editor and I have the equipment & talent to help you record or develop whatever creative audio ideas you’ve got lurking in your head.

Feel free to email at studio@cornucopia-radio.co.uk