My professional career as a photographer and curator has taken place in Spain, until I moved to Sheffield in 2014. 

My artwork makes use of iconographic simulation to produce reflections on the interactions between cultural roles, like the aesthetics of identity (the appearance), and their associated emotions and social behaviours (e.g. romantic love or consumerism).

I have also combined my artistic practice with the leading role of curatorial programmes, exploring collaborative creation through international residencies.

My curatorial career started in 2005, when I founded NOPHOTO, an agency of 13 artistic photographers. Based in Madrid (Spain) and Wuhan (China), the team delivered a solid agenda of projects (including exhibitions) through common enterprises.

Later, I became the main curator of larger-scale projects funded by a public grants from Spanish public institutions, like AECID, Madrid City Council or Alcobendas Art Centre. This experience helped me to build stable links with other public and independent art institutions, mainly located in Latin America, where my activity has focused.

I want to continue establishing further links with other artists, curators and institutions located in Sheffield, and to expand the international scope of my career.


Some of our members only offer some of their skills in only certain capacities on the timebank.