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Natalie Hunt

Vegetable Entertainer

Daughter of a Fenland fruit & vegetable merchant, I was inspired by the many artistes at Sheffield's Cabaret Boom Boom to create Madame Zucchini in 2007, having had a career in community work, facilitating empowering & training disadvantaged groups for over a decade. I found I could channel my love of vegetables into art & entertainment & so engage people by having fun with food. So I devised vegetable theatre shows with puppets made from fresh produce (like Star Wars, Pirates of the Carrotbean, 50 Shades of Greengrocer) & provide vegetable craft workshops: veg jewellery, veg souper-hero's. I love audience participation encouraging smiling...even laughter. I mostly work at festivals and family events, but also in cabaret/adult settings, parties & wellbeing events. I cook the puppets after the show - sometimes I share the resulting soup. Oh and I have a courgette costume for the summer and a sparkly Sprout one for the winter. For all your vegetable entertainment needs!

I also run creative workshops and activities for adults, eg veg jewellery & themed events, and also for self-employed people eg making a living as an artist.


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