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Jennifer McCanna

Leadership and Team Coach

I'm a leadership, team and career coach working with a range of individuals, teams and organisations to help them perform better. I work with self employed people to help them define, and get the most out of their business so that it gives them the life the want. That might involve building their brand, their confidence or coming up with a practical plan to put their dreams into action. 

I work with managers at all levels of organisations in the private and the not for profit sector to help them be effective at work. I work with teams, including management teams, to help them work through challenges, create useful structure to their work, and support them to get the most out of their collective talent. 

Basically -  I help people perform better, and lead a more fulfilling work life, whoever they are. 

Oh, and before all that I studied music at Birmingham University, then worked as an events fundraiser for national charities for a decade, and before I had kids you could find me playing the cello in a variety of orchestras and doing the occasional bit of backing strings.