I’m Helen; I’m a painter, writer and Mum. I believe that creativity has the power to transform. It is core to my personal wellbeing and, since becoming a Mummy, it’s become even more important to me. 

I make Fine Art watercolour paintings - portraits and landscapes. I love painting portraits of babies and children, this is part of my business that I have recently started (since having my own baby and spending a lot of time painting her!) I also paint landscapes inspired both by local places (I have a Sheffield series) and places I love/would love to visit/imagined dream spaces. 

My paintings are colourful, imaginative and free/loose in style and application - I use watercolour which is fast, fluid and light. I switched from oils to watercolour when I had my baby as it was more practical (I often have to paint quickly when I get a few free moments!) and I love it! 

I also blog, make vlogs and share my process/ideas/thoughts with my followers and subscribers regularly!


Some of our members only offer some of their skills in only certain capacities on the timebank.