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Rachel Durance

Artist, website builder and social media trainer

Art Practice

Since 2005 I have been using photography and multimedia practices to produce work that embodies emotion, memory and storytelling.

My work pushes beyond the limitations of hung gallery work, by investigating the use of photography as installation, I explore how interaction can influence the viewer’s engagement and relationship with the work.

Emotional responses also drive me to create visceral, raw sculptural work. My sculptural pieces embody my emotional reaction to events and investigate the themes of identity, anxiety, loss and confrontation.

Websites and Social Media

I specialise in custom portfolio websites for artists. I offer a range of packages from web-based drag and drop website building tools such as wix and weebly as well as complete website creation and management service.

I offer a variety of social media training workshops for Instagram and Facebook and also provide 1-2-1 Instagram and Facebook training.