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Donna Brewins-Cook

Visual artist

I have been a practising artist since graduating at Sheffield Hallam University in 1998.  I've worked in various studios around Yorkshire, including Yorkshire Artspace in Sheffield and Bar Lane in York.  I've also delivered and supported a variety of educational art workshops for children, adults and adults with special needs.  

I draw my inspiration from the constant possibilities of painting and the challenge of its unpredictable nature in conveying a subject.  Recently, Psychotherapy has directly influenced me and renewed my interest in abstract expressionism with the freedom of colour, line and allowing the subconscious and memory to guide my work.  Some of my current projects explore the raw emotions I have experienced through personal challenges including the corrosive effects of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), depression and infertility.  Whilst these experiences are highly personal, I believe that by exploring those emotions in my work I am creating a voice where one might normally be at risk of being suppressed and hidden.

I have delivered a number of public and private commissions. The most notable commission was for a client featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs television programme in 2013.  I was commissioned to produced a large bespoke painting as a focus piece for a living area. I also have work in public and private collections around the UK, including a commission to produce a series of paintings for an NHS mental health facility in Wakefield.

In the summer of 2018 I had two paintings selected for the prestigious BEEP International Painting Prize, Swansea.

I currently live in Sheffield with my husband and enjoy roaming the high ground nearby with my whippet Barney.