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Donna Brewins-Cook

Visual artist at Donna Brewins-Cook

Born Donna Cook, I have lived in Yorkshire all my life. I studied at Yorkshire Coast College (Scarborough, North Yorkshire) and then completed a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University.

Natural environments and especially northern light have informed previous works.  I would merge remembered images or part of an image with an intuitive use of colour and texture which often results in abstraction.  I draw inspiration from Turner, Hodgkin, O’Keefe, Hambling and the female Abstract Expressionists who have all explored our interaction with colour, memory and emotion.

In recent months abstraction has started to dominate my painting.  My current project involves the pain and memories of experiencing infertility and the procedures involved when embarking on IVF cycles.  The isolation as an infertile woman is paramount is in this current body of work.

I hope my paintings, both past and present say something about the experience and memory of place and the constant change we go through. 

I have had a number of private and public commissions, most notably a painting featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs TV programme (Sept 2013).