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Tim Hanstock

Freelance Graphic & Web Designer

Hi there! I'm Tim, the face of Sunstarved Designs, a young start-up Graphic and Web Design agency based in Sheffield, UK. I bring a personal touch to your projects, and help you achieve your vision through results-driven design philosophy. I specialise in logo design, web design, branding and illustration, however I am also an accomplished Javascript developer familiar with a variety of frameworks such as Node.js, jQuery, Angular, React, Vue and Three.js. I specialise in front-end design and development, but know my way around back-end databases and server infrastructure, providing fully managed hosting for the websites and other online solutions I build.

I have worked for a variety of clients from small local creatives and businesses to large international companies, and will always promise you clear communication and consistency of work. I am here in the Guild to develop my freelance portfolio, champion the Creative Industries up norffff, and hopefully create fantastic work for you. 

Please visit my website or drop me a line if you'd like to talk about new projects! I am based out of the Union St. co-working space and am always up for a chat if you'd like to drop by.