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Rosalind Gibb

Writer, Editor, Designer, Event organiser

Hi. I work with individuals and organisations to produce audio interviews, printed publications and exhibition boards, often on a heritage or reminiscence theme.

Recent projects include producing Life Story Books for individuals living with dementia, who attend a day centre in Edinburgh; to recording and transcribing stories for an exhibition by Brewing Heritage Scotland; to producing a booklet for YMCA Scotland's' Young Roots - Sharing the Past to Shape the Future project. 

The projects vary but what I love about this work is that people get the opportunity to tell their stories, which can give a sense of empowerment. And (for projects which are in the public realm) these audio or printed records form an important social/community history, and in the longer term an archive that future generations can learn from. 

I also occasionally do copywriting and feature writing for editorial publications. And I enjoy trying new creative projects and meeting other creative people, especially those who dabble in design, photography and publishing. I'm a huge fan of print/tangible items; I've self-published a book and a photozine, and in summer 2018 organised an Indie Book and Zine Fair in Edinburgh, attended by stallholders from across the UK.

I'm always happy to chat about previous work projects or future ideas/collaborations, so please do get in touch if anything here sounds of interest.