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Sam McKinstrie

Writer-Filmmaker, Wrestling enthusiast

Switched from a history degree in Leeds (do go, it has a nice Christmas market] to a filmmaking course with Sheffield Hallam, I've spent the last ten+ years since then making films with a guy named Tom under the banner Happy Fingers Productions. 

Written and directed lots of shorts, music videos, documentary pieces and even a feature film since then, fame and money continue to elude but lot of experience and stories to tell. Still love the process far more than my bill paying (just about) supermarket job. 

Informed writing is my strong suit, especially character, more than happy to give feedback, advice, recommendations (all of which can probably be safely ignored) on any scripts people want help with. 

Recently got involved with Breed pro wrestling, which is a lot like making a film except the actors can put you in a headlock............actually it's exactly like some films I've done.