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Fran Green

Web Designer and Illustrator

My name's Fran and I trade as Engine Head. I'm based in Sheffield, but I've spent most of my life in Nottingham. Before moving to Sheffield I worked as a copywriter (I wrote for a dance music magazine and produced copy for websites) and I taught music technology. 
I now build websites for clients and produce artwork for various digital and real-world media. My web design tends toward front-end development rather than programming and databases; having a background in copywriting certainly lends itself to building information architecture and fitting it with an SEO strategy. My artwork is generally drawn by hand and I feel like I'm most comfortable with artist's ink. I've designed 12″ vinyl covers, card ranges and t-shirts among a host of other items. I can happily use pencil, watercolour and a digital drawing tablet too.
I'm also an avid record collector and music enthusiast. I've been buying records since I was around 15 years old and now, 20-odd years later, I still trawl charity shops for vinyl as often as I can. 
If I'm not working as Engine Head, painting something or hunting down soul records, then I'm likely to be reading or out in the Peaks. As you can probably tell from a glance at my artwork, nature never ceases to amaze and inspire me.

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