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Sophie Hunter

Facilitator, evaluator, consultant, maker, drama specialist – usually found working in CYP sector

I have worked professionally for 25 years in the fields of drama/theatre, education & community arts as a
director, creative producer, evaluator, workshop facilitator and project manager. My key focus has always been
work created for, by and with children and young people, and has involved creating, producing, managing and
delivering projects, often in youth theatre, school and community contexts.

I am also a coach and trainer working with both young people and the adults who work with them. Much of the work I love most involves holding space for others to
pause, review and reflect – whether in an evaluation context, action research or a coaching context.

I am Co-founder and Associate of Growtheatre CIC. We run open access outdoor youth theatres for young people in Sheffield
and North East Derbyshire, and also create and deliver creative projects in schools and communities, work with
Sheffield University and Hallam University students, and create heritage outdoor interpretation projects.

Much of my work as a creative practitioner focuses on the telling of and listening to stories from past, present
and future, and on finding connection. I am also passionate about asking questions, experiential learning, site-
specific work, ritual and rites of passage, verbal and non-verbal communication, facilitating transformational
change, offering reflective space and compassionate parenting. 

I’m involved in the dreaming and creation of the Sheffield Cultural Education Partnership at the moment… so I may post about that too.