Jake Harries

co-founder/director alittlepieceofland.org.uk


wild food/land use/activism/rewilding/film making/audio composition/visual art/installation

alittlepieceofland.org.uk is my collaborative practice with film maker/artist Monika Dutta. We have been rewilding a piece of land in Yorkshire since 2012 and based our practice on what we have re-discovered and learned.
We explore alternatives to industrial, globalised food production via an attempt to redress the current energy use of industrialised farming. We are motivated by exploration and examination of energy, in particular humans’ relationship to it.
As our shared passion, food has become the locus of our tangible production; creating artworks which communicate our challenge to systems of food production and distribution, processing and manufacture, marketing and advertising, and to beliefs about health and nutrition. Together, we synthesise a response to the changes we have witnessed in our immediate environment and in ourselves, precipitated by our decision to allow the land around our home to exist in its natural state; to re-wild, in stark contrast to the surrounding arable farmland which becomes increasingly sterile with industrialised intervention.

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