What is timebanking?

What is timebanking?

Our creative timebank is a fantastic resource, it is a way to exchange skills and knowledge between members using an alternative method of currency called credits.

When you join the Guild, you get 10 credits to spend how you like through engaging the skills and services offered by the other members.

One credit equals one hour. We are all equal and our time is worth the same, no matter the skill or service you’re offering, my hour is worth exactly the same as your hour.

But let’s be clear...

The timebank is not about working for free. It’s about taking those exchanges, favours and interactions that we already do and putting them in a system where each person gets something tangible out of it.

It is not about a direct exchange of skills, it is about one person paying the other in credits for their services. It is the same as any other type of monetary transaction but using the Guild credits instead of pound coins.

"The ethos is great and it works in practice too ... I've already managed to make money through using the Timebank."

Carmel Page, Storyteller and Artist

The skills and help that members seek is massively varied, from help invigilating shows to digital animation to funding advice; anything that might be required as part of a creative project.

Timebanking is a great way to expand your network and meet new people. 

The timebank means that as well as the Guild’s own events, there are all kinds of brilliant things happening in the city all the time, in amongst the membership, self-initiated. 

And that’s where timebanking really comes into its own – as a vibrant self-managed economy that uses a currency we can all afford!