How does timebanking work?

So how does it work?

When a member joins they have the option to select the skills they have and list them on their profile. This means that others can search for that skill and they will appear.

Once you have found the person you want to ask to help you, you need to email them and ‘make the request’. Try to include as much detail as possible about what you want as well as how many hours of their time you will be requesting, i.e. how many credits you will be paying them.

The member will then get back to you and if they accept, wonderful, If they say no, try someone else!

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"Click on the members page and think of it as a catalogue of helpers, collaborators and inspirers. Work out where you want to go and choose someone who may be able to help, email them and take it from there!"

Carmel Page, Storyteller and Artist

Transferring credits

Once the transaction has taken place you are then responsible for transferring the credits from your account to the other member. You do this by going back to their profile and selecting the ‘send credits’ button and following the prompts.

Using the message board

The second way to initiate a timebanking transaction is through the message board. This way suits someone who is looking for multiple skills and people to help with a larger project.

For this purpose, simply post the details of the project including the skills required and the hours offered onto the message board and wait for others to respond.

This way is not as immediate or direct as going through the search function but may save you time in the long run if you are looking for multiple people.

Once you have found the people and skills you are looking for, after the project is complete, you will have to send the credits to the correct people using the method described above.

Happy timebanking!