The Guild's new home: Orchard Square

11th November, 2019

We're extremely excited to announce that Sheffield Creative Guild has officially moved into its new home in Orchard Square.

At last year's AGM one of the things that you told us you'd like was a physical space for the Guild - and we listened. Our new home in Orchard Square means that we'll be able to host all of our events and workshops under one roof but more than that, we'll be able to do more for you and your projects too.

It's our ambition that our new HQ becomes a place that members can show their work, put on events, shows and a whole manner of other uses we're going to gather at this year's AGM.


There's still a lot of work to be done to get the building ready to use but we could not be more excited about creating a space in Sheffield for our members to use.

As well as being a hybrid exhibition, event, workshop and meeting space our day-to-day offices will also be based in the same building so you'll be able to physically come see us if there's something you need help with - and we've even got hopes of being able to offer some hot desking!

We'll be working until the new year on getting the space ready after which point we'll have a bells and whistles opening party to officially christen our new city centre home. 


We're also thrilled that one of our student members, Will Rea, has been commissioned to paint the murals inside Orchard Square so it feels like the Guild family is really taking root in the space. 

If you'd like to hear more about the plans for Orchard Square and more generally, the Guild, please come along to our AGM on November 13th to have your say!